15 Necessary Things Preppers Can Do For Free

When it comes to prepping, there are so many things you can and should be doing. The list seems almost endless!

And, most times, those things are about you spending some of your hard earned cash. So in this post, we’ll look at some things you can do without spending a single penny. They may not cost money but may require a small investment of your time.

We have to remember that prepping is worthwhile because of how it makes us feel. If we do these things for the right reasons – if we want to be self-reliant and able to provide for our families, then I’d say most of these tasks are worth doing.

1. Learn to garden for your food source

Well, this is kinda free, the point being if you learn how to generate your own food source, it’s free, no money spent.

Now there are 2 types of gardening you can do:

Container Gardening in Your Home or Apartment – An awesome way to get started growing your own food is to install a few window planters, this will allow you to grow herbs and greens in a small area. Just make sure that plants get enough light and you will be set.

This is a great way to eat healthier and save money on fresh produce.

Or if you have some land, then you can grow fruits and vegetables in your garden.

If you haven’t checked out survival garden (most preppers have – but in case you haven’t) – this tells you all you need to know. It’s a must have resource.

2. Clear brush and trees near property boundaries

This is something that is definitely free to do. And the benefit of doing this is that if you are bugging out and don’t have any time to prepare your home, you’re approaching the property and it is already clear of brush, trees or whatever.

Also if there is a large fire nearby, having cleared out the bush may help lessen the effect a fire could have on your home.

3. Learn basic plumbing and electrical skills

This is definitely a money saver. First off you can install some sprinklers in your yard to water the plants, no more money for a crazy expensive water bill. And if it comes down to it, you can maintain/repair any basic plumbing/electrical problems with minimal training or knowledge.

4. Learn first aid

Like the above, this is a money saving skill. You can be the one who fixes up your family members, rather than sending them to a doctor or hospital.

And of course if SHTF then there likely wont be access to medical services anyway. As such knowing first aid is an essential skill for any serious prepper .

5. Learning how to shoot

This one is very important for preppers to do, especially if they live in rural or wilderness settings. You never know when you’ll be faced with an impending threat.

Knowing how to handle a firearm could save you and your family ‘s life. And if there is ever a situation where all other means of survival are gone, you will be grateful for being able to shoot.

6. Learn about the wildlife around you

There is a lot of information available about this on the internet, so this doesn’t need to cost you a thing. Knowing this will help you protect your homestead.

7. Learn about the local terrain

This is essential because most preppers fancy themselves ‘survivors’, not hillbillies, so they’ll have to be able to survive on the land they are on. If they don’t know what’s out there they could end up getting hurt or worse.

8. Form a pre-event food and water supply meeting with people in your community/neighborhood

A pre-event food and water supply meeting is a meeting that’s organized ahead of time to discuss the problem of running out of food and water. This is important since there is no telling when someone will need it.

If you are worried about your community, then forming a pre-event meeting can ensure that everyone knows what’s coming.

9. Draw up a “bugout” route to get EVERYONE out of the house

Having a route set up in advance can really save time in a SHTF scenario. Make sure they are in the car so that the entire household leaves in an orderly fashion.

10. Have a plan of action and create your own “safe room”

This can be your bunker, storage room, indoor range or just a more secure place for your family.

Having a safe room set up can be a lot of fun for the whole family, its just another way to have some fun while prepping and getting prepared.

11. Learn bushcraft skills

Again you can learn this for free off the internet (YouTube especially). Bushcraft skills are like a second language to the prepper, it’s like knowing how to talk to the animals.

12. Learn how to navigate using nature

Even if you live on the next block from your work, its always good to learn how to navigate by the sun, stars, moon and even using a compass.

If SHTF, Google Maps ain’t gonna be a thing…

13. Learn how to make fire

When SHTF it’s not just about a weapon or martial art, it’s also air conditioning, water and food. Learning how to make fire is an invaluable skill for preparation.

Make sure not to rely on just one method either, you can plant some grass and use that to make a fire but you can also use twigs to start your blaze.

14. Learn how to trap small animals

Trapping small animals is a great skill when SHTF because it helps with the food supply, increase your food storage and you can learn how to catch bigger animals if you need meat in the future.

You can learn this by watching YouTube videos or even buy some traps from a store that caters to your skills.

15. Learn how to purify water

This is important when SHTF, especially if you live in a city because the water could be dangerous.

You can purify water using a method like the fire drill or boiling it, just be careful about any chemicals you might get from reusing it and make sure you can find other ways to purify it.

Other ideas for purifying water include using bleach, iodine pills or using UV light. A UV light costs around $100 but it’s worth the investment for your survival.

So there you go, 15 things you can get busy with. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of survival garden below, it might not be free, but it sure is worth it.


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