CAT Tourniquet Storage and One Handed Application

6 Tips From Home Disaster Survivors

Looking back at 2007, it sure feels like nature had it in for the suburbs. The entire nation was pestered by weather relevant catastrophes. We had wildfires in Southern The golden state, ice tornados in the Midwest, and flooding in the Northeast.

Food and Water For Survival – You Have Insurance But Are You Really Prepared?

Our country is being occupied by an adversary force with a schedule to damage our Constitution as well as dissolve our borders. Life as we understand it will come to an abrupt end, done deliberately and Most of America is asleep. Are you prepared?

The Worst Has Happened – Are You Prepared?

A disaster has happened in your house, in your neighborhood, in your city or your state. What do you do currently?

Your 72 Hour Kit – Flash Drives and Document Storage

In case of an emergency there is some documentation that you would certainly intend to have easily offered and easily visible. Some kind of image ID could be an archetype. A map of the location could prove very useful as would certainly be a checklist of family members telephone number and also call information. Pictures of your prompt relative can assist authorities and others in finding any one of those members who may end up being divided from the remainder of your team during the first stages of the emergency.

Classroom Lockdowns – Are You Prepared For The Worst?

Over 92% of school-based authorities officers believe that schools are a “soft target” for terrorist attacks, according to a 2004 National Organization of Institution Resource Administration survey. The report likewise specifies “half of the respondents say that emergency plans for their institutions are not sufficient.”

Are You Disaster (Tornado, Cyclone, Earthquake) Ready?

Are you planned for an EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4, EF5 Twister? Do you have a survival kit for you as well as your household? Do you understand what products should be in a survival kit?

What You Should Know About Gas Masks

It is all-natural that with the hazard of organic or chemical terrorism comes a great deal of talk concerning gas masks. Before making the choice to purchase and also utilize a gas mask it is essential to recognize the modern technology behind the different sorts of offered equipment. It is additionally crucial to comprehend that a gas mask alone will not give sufficient security from organic or chemical contamination.

Cyclone Nargis – A Tsunami Scale Disaster?

Nargis developed right into a hurricane on April 27, 2008, in the central Bay of Bengal about 360 miles off of the southeast coastline of India. Cyclone Nargis was, when it made landfall around the mouth of the Ayeyawaddy (Irrawaddy) river, regarding 220 kilometres south-west of Rangoon, a Category four storm on the Saffir-Simpson range of storm strength, with continual winds of 132 miles per hour. Nargis is the most dangerous cyclone to strike Asia given that 1991, when 143,000 individuals died in Bangladesh from a land-falling cyclone that year.

Surviving an Earthquake

Being gotten ready for an earthquake is the most effective way to survive one. Below is a quick overview on what to do in the past, during, and after on of these quakes.

Do Your Students Have the Information They Need to Recover From a Sudden Emergency?

When your students arrive on school, does your college make certain that pupils have all the details they need, to be taken treatment of in instance of clinical or other emergency? Obviously it relies on the university, but also for the majority of institutions, the answer is no!

Preventing Targeted School Shootings – Tips for Educators & Parents

As we approach the wedding anniversary of the Columbine misfortune, it is still noticeable that our country’s colleges are still in hopeless need of official hazard analysis programs to help anticipate – as well as thereby protect against- targeted institution violence. The very first step in executing your institution’s (or district’s) program is to develop a formal danger analysis policy. A strong policy needs to establish a standard that develops what kind of habits will certainly be assessed or investigated.

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