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Common Sense: The Scarcest of All Natural Resources

Common sense makes our life meaningful and happy. ‘What, How, and Why’ of it are discussed here.

Top Must-Have Basics of Your Survival Knife

To keep the finest quality of survival knife must be precedence for those who revel in camping, hunting, or prepping. There is no question in that an automatic knife for survival is one of the most excellent tools people can have at their disposal. Thinking about the different ways you can make use of the knife, we have brought you some features that you should reflect on while getting the best survival knife.

What To Do When Your Home Is Damaged by a Storm?

Natural calamities as what it literally means are happenings that cannot be prevented by anyone. We can have information about weather forecasts but there is no way that we can escape from them instantly. During these times, we must really realize why prevention is always better than cure.

Three Quick Checkpoints To Hire A Locksmith

There can be and perhaps would be several occasions when you would need to hire a locksmith. Here are three quick checkpoints to help you make a wise decision.

Wild Edibles: Amaranth Aka Red Root Pig-Weed

Knowing what you have available for food sources around you can contribute to your life in many ways. Even if you don’t utilize free food sources, commonly known as weeds, in your everyday life, learning that you can is a big deal, and a great source to teach your children. You never know when you’ll NEED to eat your weeds!

Rescue The Displaced People With Valuable Supplies

The value of a service provider is ascertained from various perspectives. The incremental value of a service provider will be evaluated from their contribution in a rescue operation. This is an area of immediate attention.

How to Deal With a Gunshot or Stab Wound

Although the chances of getting shot or stabbed are slim, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can help, or where you need to treat yourself, knowing some basic tips could make all the difference. First of all make sure that you do not put yourself in any danger, if there is a gunman or a knife wielding maniac on the loose, do not put yourself in any further danger. By becoming a casualty yourself, you will be making the situation much worse.

How to Deal With a 999 Healthcare Emergency

Everyday there are thousands of 999 calls, each varying in severity and outcome. If you ever find yourself in one, or witnessing an emergency, these tips could help you in the situation.

Readdress Fire Safety With Your Loved Ones

Review your fire safety and escape plan with your family as often as possible. Avoid the potential of a fatal house fire by installing quality smoke detectors on every floor of your home or building.

Rocking the Boat of Zarachi

It is about fetching the seeds, praying over them and asking a supreme being for mountains of harvests at the end of the season. Since the coming of the white man and his ways, however, the reverence of the festival has gradually giving way, like wine into which water is continuously added without adding anything else.

Being Prepared For A Disaster Can Open You Up To Ridicule

Being prepared for a disaster can be lonely. Being prepared for a disaster can make you the object of ridicule and scorn.

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