Prepper Trick Shots

Survival Skills – How To Build A Survival Fire

Protect your family and prepare yourself today by learning How To Build A Survival Fire. “You don’t know what you don’t know”, so get in the “know” and be ready for when disaster strikes.

Three Reasons You Should Be Prepping Now

Learn the three reasons you need to be prepping now. There are a lot of reasons to prep but these are increasingly more likely to happen than ever before.

Trade-Offs That Matter

Have you ever thought about what it would be like without electricity or running water? What would happen if all the grocery stores closed down? The switch from modern conveniences to self-sufficiency sounds easy until we factor in all the time, labor and trade-offs we’d have to make. Nothing comes without a cost, whether it’s time, effort, money, or all three. What trade-offs would matter most then?

Survival – What Would Create an Emergency Survival Event? How Should We Begin to Be Prepared?

In this article, we will be addressing what would be the underlining cause of an Emergency Survival Event and how to begin to prepare for them. Being Prepared is essential. Start today.

Surviving In The Wilderness

Knowing what to do if you need to survive in the wilderness. Knowing how to and build a shelter.

Technology Makes Pressure Canning Safe and Easy

Technology has taken much of the fear and danger out of pressure canning. Using modern technology to replace the old style stovetop canners of the past makes pressure canning almost a set-and-forget procedure. No more wonder if the pressure is too high. The modern pressure canners moderate the pressure for you and the timer insures that you don’t overcook your food. Read this article to learn more about how modern technology has come to pressure canning.

Establish a “No Zone” For Your Protection

Where is Your “No Zone”? A “No Zone” is a defensive strategy within your home that places an imaginary boundary that cannot be crossed by an intruder without deadly force being applied.

Reloading and Building Your Own Ammunition is an Important Part of Prepping

For any serious prepper reloading ammunition is a key component of prepping. This is the most effective way of creating enough ammunition to supply their needs now and after WROL begins. Do not neglect this very important aspect of prepping.

Survival – Are You and Your Family Prepared?

92% of Americans having survived a natural disaster say they are not prepared for the next one. 48% of Americans do not have emergency supplies.

Short Range Personal Defense Options For Emergencies

Short range is anything under 25 yards. This does include hand-to-hand. As scary as this sounds you must plan for this type of encounter. This is the most brutal and life threatening aspect of self defense, You will be looking into the eyes of your assailant. You must be fully prepared for this. Your life is at stake.

Mid Range Personal Defense Options for Emergencies

For our purposes here we define mid range as 25 – 100 yards. Some will argue that this is really close range but you have to remember that we are talking about non-military individuals. Less than 100 yards is close enough that you could be the prey and not the predator. How you act can say a lot about how you will be approached. If you portray someone that is prepared and not easy prey then you could be passed up for easier targets. Being prepared to defend you and your family is a critical part of any survival plan. Don’t make yourself an easy target.

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