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Disaster Preparation Strategies That Every Home Should Be Using

There are a number of unexpected events that can temporarily cut consumers off from common supplies of money, water, food, medical products and more. Imagine having to make do with only the resources that currently exist on your property and then try to calculate exactly how long everyone could survive. The reality for most people is that they wouldn’t last long at all. If this sounds all too familiar, then you should probably put the following disaster preparation strategies to good use.

How To Keep Your Yard From Flooding

Keep your ditches and drain pipes clean. Move the water coming off the roof away from the house. Identify the areas in your yard where water can collect. Use french drains, sump pumps and elevated yards to move water off your property.

Don’t Forget Your Animals When Planning For A Disaster

Include all of your animals when planning for a disaster. Your disaster plan needs to include sheltering at home, sheltering at a new location and leaving them behind.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, do you have one? If in the event that the worst happens, you need to keep yourself and your family safe. If you are not prepared you might not be able to get what you need when the pawpaw hits the fan.

Zombie Arrowhead Killing Spear

Can you kill a zombie with a spear? If you have a good spear, you can use it for close combat as well as throwing. A must for your survival kit.

A Nation at Risk – North American Power Grid Security

According to one of the most highly respected expects in the country, the United States electric power grid is now at significant risk of massive failure. Read what has been said, consider the implications and take steps now to protect your family.

American Preppers Network Website Review With Pros and Cons

American Preppers Network is a very popular survivalist website. This article provides a concise review, offers pros and cons of the site and discusses the need for at least a survival plan regardless of your level of commitment to being prepared for that “just in case” event.

North American Motoring – What Happens When the Electric Grid Goes Down?

This article explores the implications of a major electric power grid failure on the North American motoring public. Such a failure would affect tens of millions that are on the open road. A great motivator to getting prepared is to consider what not being prepared might look like.

How To Prepare Your Home And Household For Natural Disaster

Modern consumers are wholly reliant upon a range of everyday conveniences for feeding their families and meeting their most basic needs. Should these conveniences ever cease to exist, serious problems could ensue. That’s because people would have no way of communicating with their loved ones, sourcing fresh water or buying food. Preparing for natural disaster is therefore essential for ensuring that your household can survive in the days, weeks and even months that follow these events.

Bug Out Bag Checklist – For Urban Areas

Understanding what a bug out bag is and what to put in it are essential to being ready at a moments notice should a major crisis erupt requiring your evacuation. This article provides a concise list of essential components of a highly functional bug out bag with an emphasis for those living in heavily populated areas.

Best Prepper Websites – Top 7

There are literally hundreds of survival and prepper related websites. Some are useful while some are a complete waste of time. Based on my research, this article ranks the top seven survival and emergency sites based on useful, real world criteria.

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