Whether you’re camping, in your backyard, or just want to have a little fun outdoor, you’ll need a way to start a fire.

Firestarters are one of the most classic ways of doing so. The article will discuss what kind of fire starters you can buy, and what kind to steer clear of.

1 Best Firestarter

Arguably the best firestarter is the cotton ball. Yes that’s right, a cotton ball is one of, if not the best fire starters. You can use it for the easiest campfire with no hassle.

Cotton balls are used because they have tiny little fibers that are readily available. They also do not deter flames as well as other fire starters. It’s best to use a small handful of cotton balls to start a fire, then move on to using the others. Cotton balls burn much faster and produce more heat than any other fire starter out there.

To make a fire using the cotton ball just hold it in your hand like a ball and press it into the ground. The cotton will stick to any kind of fabric, making it easy to start a fire.

While some people swear by this method there are some other alternatives that are far easier and will work very well.

2 Best Firestarter

Second on our list is a very cool product called the Blastmatch, a match that is struck on the outside. It’s very similar to Reallifeflames’ firestarter. The only difference being it comes in a much smaller package that fits into your pocket.

To use the Blastmatch just open the container and strike it against a rock, or another hard surface.

The match is chemically treated so you can use it in any weather and will start a fire almost immediately. Even in the rain, which is a plus for any survivalist.

The only downside to the product are that you have to take the cap off every time you want to use it, which can be a pain if it’s raining and you’re in a rush. Also if you’re not down with opening your container every time, consider another firestarter.

3 Best Fire starter

Another product that falls into the top 3 is called Thermite. Thermite is different than the other firestarters we have listed because it is a mixture of different chemicals. It is very easy to start a fire with Thermite because the chemical reaction will ignite your tinder almost immediately. The best part about the product is that it packs quite an intense punch, much better than any other firestarter out there.

To use Thermite just combine one gram of thermite with one grain of salt and pour them into a small glass container.

You can buy Thermite at most hardware stores or military surplus store. It’s ideal for starting fires in any weather and it rarely fails.

4 Best Fire Starter

The next product on our list is called the fire piston. The fire piston helps you to start a fire using a series of chemical reactions. The fire piston is particularly good for survivalists because it creates an intense heat with very little smoke, unlike other methods.

You might not have heard of fire pistons before, but they’re starting to become popular, as more people acquire this skill.

The fire piston uses a different chemical reaction than the Thermite we mentioned earlier. That’s why it’s used in conjunction with the cotton ball or other methods. It’s also incredibly easy to use and in very little time you will start a raging fire.

Fire pistons cost around fifteen to twenty dollars. They’re also much harder to purchase than the flash match.

5 Best Fire Starter

We continue our list with a product called WetFire. The reason why this is one of the best fire starters you can buy is because it will stay lit in any weather, and even in water, which is something few firestarters can boast about.

Wetfire was designed by a firefighter as a way to save lives in the event of a large-scale fire. Wetfire allows you to start your fire without smoke or ashes, which makes it one of the best fire starter you can buy.

To use WetFire just boil some water and pour it onto a flat surface. The material should be damp and not dry. Put the wetfire into the water, let it dry, and then place your tinder on top. Then, you’re ready to start a fire.

The drawback to the product is that the fire piston and Thermite are much faster at starting a fire.

6 Best Fire Starter

Next on our list are the Fire Steel rod and striker. Compared to some of the things on our list, the steel rod and striker might sound a little, well, boring. But don’t be fooled: The steel rod and striker is an extremely useful tool.

The fire steel rod and striker are a combo pack that comes with a short, but very sturdy, striker. The steel rod is just the right height for lighting your tinder without getting burned, which can be very hard to do.

Even though this particular product isn’t as exciting as some of the other things on our list, it’s extremely useful for someone with no experience starting fires.

7 Best Firestarter

Number 7 on the list is the FireSteel 2.0 Scout. The Scout is a great choice for someone who has never made a fire before. Like most FireSteels, the Scout uses your built-in magnesium to create a spark that will light your tinder for you.

The difference between the Scout and other firesteel is in its size. The FireSteel 2.0 measures in at 5″ long, making it one of the smallest FireSteels on our list.

Being so small, it means the Scout doesn’t have a very large striking surface. But this is actually a good thing. The small size makes it very easy for someone with no experience to make a spark with the Scout.

The downside to the Scout is that you’ll need to buy extra strikers if you lose your original one. The Scout is great for the beginner, but once you start learning how to start fires, you might want something that gives you more control.

8 Best Firestarter

We’re getting near to the end of the list now, but we should definitely mention the Strikeforce Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet. Instead of striking a piece of ferrocerium, the StrikeForce uses your bracelet as a handle to start the fire.

One of the things that makes this firestarter so good is that it’s actually a paracord bracelet and lighter combo. In fact, there’s no need for tinder, as you can use the ferrocerium rod attached to the bracelet to light your kindling.

It costs around $16, which is a little more than most of the other options on this list, but it has everything that we would want in a firestarter. Once you pull your kindling off the ferrocerium rod, you can easily set it down to spark up your fire.

9 Best Firestarter

Number 9 on the list is the Spinnerlighter, which is similar to the ferrocerium rod. This one has a clip on loop that you can use to hang it from your backpack, so it’s always ready when you need it.

It works by the same principle as the ferrocerium rod, and that is that a magnet in the head will grab heat from the ferro rod. And when this happens, when you spin it in your hand it will form sparks.

Most people find the spinnerlighter easy to use, and a lot of people have said that it is the best fire starter they have ever used. They cost around 2 dollars a piece, and they can be used for years, especially if you keep some of them around the house in case of emergencies.

10 Best Firestarter

The final item on the list is the most exciting of them all, so you don’t want to miss out on this one. The Sky Fire Rotate-a-torch is an awesome fire starter that will spin for around 8 minutes and then will burn for at least 20 minutes.

You use it by spinning it and igniting the material inside. One of the cool things about this fire starter is that you can control how fast or slow you spin it, so if you want to burn something up fast, spin it fast. And if you want something to burn slowly, then spin it slowly.

In tests we found that the Sky Fire Rotate-a-torch took at least 15 minutes to start a fire. But once it did, it was a roaring blaze that burned for over 20 minutes. So that’s something you might want to bear in mind.

It costs around $20, and that’s enough for several fires, so you’re getting a lot of value for your money. It might sound like an expensive buy, but it’s well worth the investment.


we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of the top ten fire starters. We recommend you read through our reviews and consider which one will work best for your particular situation. They all work well and have the plus and minus points but that’s what we’re here to help you with. If you have any questions or want to discuss the options leave a comment below or drop us an email.

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